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5-week Certified Entrepreneurial Training

Graduation Ceremony


This program provides

entrepreneurs a further look

into improving your business

sales, company bottom line,

networking, marketing, while

providing a deep dive into how

to start and launch a business

successfully. A content guide

will be provided to break down

the logistics of this successful

endeavor. Following each

session meeting, open floor for

Q&A sessions will be permitted.

At the end of each five-week

session, entrepreneurs will

receive a certificate of


These innovative and

motivated registrants will

engage in meaningful lessons

that discusses all the important

steps for starting and running

a successful business, raising

money from investors to

scaling and growth strategies.

They will receive poignant

insights from established

entrepreneurs that can be

applied to any business. More

importantly, they will design a

framework that can

help them develop and initiate

their business with confidence.

Additional services include

free access to a network of

business owners and skilled

professionals in the areas of

technology, accounting,

human resources and

marketing. This network also

provides an alliance of

additional learning resources,

coaches and opportunities to

experience a day in the life of

a successful business owner.

The generosity of these

business owners and

professionals provide RSG

more than $1.5 million in

human capital!

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